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What is Property Title Verification and its Importance?

Property Title Verification is the key requirement for claiming your right to any holding.

"Property Title Verification is useful to know the legal ownership of the property which gives the value to your property."

Property title verification is carried out through extensive search of property documents and whether they are in conformity with all the applicable land laws, revenue laws, succession acts, rules, regulations, notifications, circulars, G.O’s, whether issued by related state government or the central government.

To hold a property, you need to have documents which give you legal rights on the property to hold it for a certain period as lease holder or to own it through the deed of transfer of ownership with no time limits. Title verification can be useful to know the legal ownership of the property.

Why Landsman?

  Team of Technical Experts and Legal Advisors.

  Deep domain knowledge on Title Verification Process

  We will thoroughly check and verify and suggest.

  Possible of errors in the existing documents

  The exact flow of title,

  The legality of documents,

  To establish the title on your property,

Our Process

  You reach us through email/Weblog in.

  Subscribe our service

  We Collect all the required documents from your doorstep or you can upload to our website

  Start Verification Process by our Advisors

  Asses the documents and do gap analysis

  Complete verification process

  Provide Recommendations and provide Reports/ Certification.