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“Watch Eye” is continuous surveillance on your property viz., Open Plots, Buildings, Houses, Flats, and Lands etc. It helps to safeguard your precious property and solve the various problems in the process of safeguarding.

Watch Eye involves in regular visits and physical verification of your precious properties located at different points within and outside of the City and Town. It is a highly reliable and affordable solution to individuals and companies.

It provides you with an environment where safeguarding property becomes a tension free exercise. Watch Eye provides regular updates on property and its surrounding developments, market trends in that vicinity.

“Watch Eye” enables customer to hold property safely or sell property at best price.

    Property Surveillance : Possession for property : Reliable Solution

    “You know properties which are secured always get the best price in the market”



    •   "Watch Eye" Board at site
    •   Physical visits
    •   Photos
    •   Physical Feautures
    •   Govt value
    •   Virtual boundary
    •   Online EC(Twice in a year)


    •   Basic+
    •   Market value
    •   Local Interactions
    •   Near by developments
    •   Impact of developments


    •   Economy+
    •   Market trends
    •   Growth & Developments
    •   Govt outlook
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    a) All the property owners who stay away from their properties and unable to keep track happenings of their properties.

    b) Institutions/ Organizations/ Companies etc., can also avail of our expert services as our charges are far below than what they expend on their personnel to do similar job thus saving       considerably both in terms of time and money.

    Applicant must be the legal owner of the property competent to appoint/ authorize us to keep watch on the property. The proof of identity viz. PAN card & Aadhar card should be submitted online or at the office or proof of documents as per the check list (provided online or at our office) self-declaration to handle difficult situations and to hold the responsibility of any dispute during our work on your property.

    Legal owners of the property, person / institution/ legal body/ company/ organization who are legally competent to enter into contract as per the Indian Contract Act The information provided by Landsman would enable you to fix/ decide the suitable price to your property.

    Except for the established legal relevancies under various laws of India on property no other service or third party interference will give/secure you title on your property.

    Our Executives will have a conversation with Local Residents, Real Estate People to gain more knowledge on the proposed developments,announcements by Govt. recent/future happenings by other industries/SEZ etc. Our concept to know the best about your property we decided to interact with the people who ever available on the site (this may possible in some times may not possible in some times).

    Fixing the boundary on your property with the help and support of our app and the details of the boundaries will be available to you in your dashboard.

    Government announcements about new developments,new Investments,SEZs,Industries ,Import & Export facilities, special corridors., added employment in that area etc. All these will have a positive impact on the property.

    Yes, After every physical visit , we will provide a detailed report on your property,nearby developments, Market value and other observations etc .as per the selected plan. This report is useful and can be produced in the court of law to prove your possession.

    The structures available in the property which can be visible. Physical features of the property are useful to know/ identify your property.

    Site view summary reports generated after every visit (as per your chosen plans) can be utilized to understand your property in all the required aspects (as per your chosen plan), can be used to prove your possession on your property, to know the market trends (related to your property) and can share with your property purchasers/ friends/ relatives to explain them about your property.

    Site view summary generated on your property can be utilized as your possession proof because the process it covers is exactly suitable and satisfy the parameters covered during the court cases or any interactives with authorities to prove the possession over subjective property. As per law even though you holds valid legal documentations but not able to prove your possession over the property it may cause litigation/s, on this part our site view summary is very helpful to you.

    Unfortunately we cannot advise you on boundary disputes. Boundary disputes can be complex and you may wish to take legal advice.

    Regular physical visits will help us to identify if there are any changes on your property.. And also surrounding details which is mostly helpful to fight with any evil effects on your property. We provide regular reports .With all these Watch Eye service is designed to secure your property. We will help you to secure your property from misuse and illegal encroachment. Our Services are Ideal for busy owners and those who cannot visit their property regular intervals and get updates.

    The Information Technology Act, 2000 also aims to provide the legal framework under which legal sanctity is accorded to all electronic records and other activities carried out by electronic Information Systems Control and Audit means. The Act states that unless otherwise agreed, an acceptance of contract may be expressed by electronic means of communication and the same shall have legal validity and enforceability. Section 3 gives legal recognition to electronic records and digital signatures. Section 4 of the IT Act, 2000 confers legal recognition to electronic records. Paper based documents are equated with electronic records so long as they are made available in electronic form and are accessible so as to be usable for a subsequent reference. IT Act 2000 says any information generated or shared in any digital manner for the purpose is accepted under Sec. 65 B of Indian Evidence Act and the digital information provided to the customers through our service is valid.

    All your scanned documents and your information is securely protected. We are following 2 Factor authentication to login to access your own data.1st level authentication is from your registered email ID and password and 2nd level authentication is thru OTPs through your registered mobile numbers and email IDs. And we are following 3 Tier Architecture and following best Information Security /Cyber Security Policies e.g ISO 27001, COBIT 5.1 etc.. This will control and avoid unauthorised access of data.

    Land registrations will happen at local SROs of that govt. However they won’t provide you regular physical visits and updates. As WatchEye , we do regular physical visits,reports and updates as pe the selected plan.We put up boards, monitor the property will notify you if we found any activity on your property.In the event of any noticed misuse or deterioration ,attempt to encroach, encroachment which may adversely affect the property, you will be intimated.If you need fencing to be done , it can be carried out through a vendor at extra costs.

    Our services are available Hyderabad, Vijayawada- Amaravathi and other District head quarters in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. We are spreading our services to entire South India in the near future.

    Yes, We are a registered company. You can verify in Ministry of Corporate Affairs website and we are legalised to these services.

    Any encroachments or disputes that may arise on your property during our agreement “Landsman” shall not be held responsible. *** Our duty is limited to informing /updating the owner about the physical features of the property only, not to interact or to stop the encroachers/ litigants of the property.However our visit reports will be useful as evidences. We will help you to identify a relevant Legal team to help you and this will be treated as separate service.

    Any property ( Immovable) within India and not restricted by any court or any authority.

    We keep :WatchEye” board on your site and do regular physical visits and provide you the reports as per the selected plan by you.

    In Order to verify your documents under WatchEye services, you have to register and follow the rest of process.

    Indian Evidence ACT Section 65A and Section 65B. Section 65B of the Indian Evidence Act relates to admissibility of electronic records as evidence in a Court of law. The computer holding the original evidence does not need to be produced in court The information recorded in any manner (either in digital or in manual) and shared for the purpose, either by individual or by any organization is acceptable under Indian Evidence Act. We at Landsman strictly follow the procedure where the information generated through our service should satisfy the procedural aspects defined in Sec. 65 A & 65 B of Indian Evidence Act.


    • Please note for any encroachments or disputes that may arise on your property during our agreement – “Landsman” shall not be held responsible. Our duty is limited to informing /updating the owner about the physical features of the property only, not to interact or to stop the encroachers/ litigants of the property.

    • Our help line will provide you with answers to your valid and relevant questions. Alternately, you can interact with us by sending mails. Your questions will be answered during the business hours only.